What Others Are Saying

What Users Say About gOEbase:

“I’ve been a user for years and find gOEbase to be the best resource for HRBPs out there. And, your culture of generosity regarding re-use and embedding great practices throughout your customers is absolutely fantastic. I don’t know what I would do without your resources.”

“the best resource for HRBPs”

OD Leader
Global Insurance Company

“gOEbase is the resource we turn to first when tackling strategic HR issues. We now ask ourselves, ‘what did we do before we had gOEbase?’ It’s a great tool that has been a benefit to the whole organization.”

“It’s a great tool”

HR Director
Energy Company

“We recently had a global HR meeting and the business partners/generalists were raving about gOEbase as a tool that has made their jobs easier and them more effective. So much so, that the folks without licenses were quite upset. While we don’t want people upset, we do love the great response!”

“raving about gOEbase”

Director of Global Organization Development
Computer Technology Company

“We had hoped to save money using gOEbase – and we’ve already saved thousands of dollars.”

“saved thousands”

VP of HR
Products Company

“gOEbase is an integral part of our plan to build a more strategic HR function.”

“an integral part of our plan”

Insurance Company

“gOEbase is an outstanding tool for HR business partners who are building their OD capabilities. The information is easy to access and extremely intuitive and practical. It’s a “one-stop shopping” experience whenever there is a need to access knowledge and tools. I believe every HRBP will find gOEbase to be one of their best friends as we continue our journey toward HR excellence.”

“extremely intuitive and practical”

Global Health Care Company

“Our organizational effectiveness team has come to rely on gOEbase as we work with our internal customers. Thank you for keeping it up-to-date with so many great tools and resources. gOEbase is a huge time saver for us.”

“huge time saver”

Manager, Employee Development
Power Company

“gOEbase contains practical resources that allow global HR managers to address daily and long-term business issues.”


Senior Strategy Consultant
Global Oil Company

“All of us in OD are senior practitioners. What that means is that we have tons of stuff that is stacked everywhere and crammed into every nook and cranny of our offices. Of course, we can never find what we need when we need it, even though we know it’s there somewhere. The perfect intervention is …… gOEbase!”

“The perfect intervention”

OD Professional
Telecommunications Company

“Thanks…you and gOEbase have just helped to make our lives a whole lot more effective and easier.”

“effective and easier”

OD Leader
Entertainment/Media Company

“We just love the resources you provide. The site is easy to maneuver, and has awesome tools. I’ll pass on your name to my internal colleague.”

“awesome tools”

gOEbase user
Technology Company

“I have had a chance to surf through gOEbase and am very impressed. I also spoke with a few of the folks I know from your client list and they gave your product – and your consulting skills workshop – rave reviews.”

“rave reviews”

OD Professional
Ivy League University

“One of our leaders likes gOEbase so much that he said, “I would wear a gOEbase T-shirt!” He indicated that gOEbase provides an independent, virtual partner that he can test his thoughts and methodologies against.”

“I would wear a gOEbase T-shirt”

Regional Bank

“My team and I are big fans of gOEbase – – we have found great and practical value in the resources provided.”

“big fans”

Global Leadership & OD
Telecommunication Company

“I found the update information from gOE has been inspiring and quite helpful to our initiative in innovating HR practices in Korea.”


HR Leader
Global Insurance Company

“I tell everyone I meet in the OD world to check out gOEbase as a thoroughly excellent tool.”

“thoroughly excellent tool”

OD Professional
Hospitality Organization

“This site is so user-friendly, intuitive, and contains so much valuable information!”

“user-friendly, intuitive”

HR Professional
Media Organization

“Our OD Team has partnered with HRBPs in using gOEbase to address client needs for the last two years. Recently, it helped us to design, in record time, a complete change management plan with tools, for a client undergoing a major restructure. We especially like the ability to refine any of the resources to meet our specific need and to have proven suggestions at our fingertips. Generalists and Specialists alike will find gOEbase a valuable resource as we transform the HR function.”

“transform the HR function”

OD Professional
Global Health Care Company

“I just logged into gOEbase and it’s great, in 10 min I was able to find information I had been searching for the last two weeks. Thanks!”

“it’s great”

gOEbase User
Global Household Products Company

“I wanted to let you know that I was in a meeting yesterday where people were talking about what a wonderful tool gOEbase is. I’d love to hear what you plan to do next with it!”

“a wonderful tool”

HR Professional
Financial Investment Company

“Our HR & L&D Consultants continue to love and use gOEbase. We appreciate the wealth of knowledge and expertise found there.”

“wealth of knowledge”

gOEbase User
Commercial/Savings Bank

“Our Head of OD has made contact with other companies who use gOEbase and is very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response from them.”

“overwhelmingly positive response”

HR Professional
Chemicals Company

“I believe gOEbase is one of the best resources for People Development and Organizational Effectiveness, if not the best!”

“the best”

HR Professional
Global Pharmaceuticals Company

“I am very impressed by the completeness of the content and in-depth explanations of how to use the tools.”

“very impressed”

HR Professional
Government Agency


What Reviewers Say About gOEbase…

“gOEbase sets a new standard of design. It lets a person get just the right information at the right time to perform their job effectively.”

“very impressed”

Bill Miller
Judge, Performance Centered Design Competition

“Few HR tools have truly been able create knowledge and develop human capital on an ongoing basis. This is where gOEbase differentiates itself as one of the first internal HR tools that HR employees can, not only continuously make reference to, but also continuously learn from.”

“continuously learn”

Katherine Lee
HR.com review of gOEbase

“gOEbase is an automated performance management consultant—and a worthy one. What makes this product truly valuable is its tight integration. You will find that you are no more than two or three clicks away from the material you want.”


John-Paul Morgante
Training & Development Magazine review of gOEbase

“Today, successful HR professionals are those who can work effectively with internal customers to address organizational needs. They ask the right questions, develop the right solutions, and demonstrate their value to the organization. gOEbase is exciting because it is the first application of technology that really builds that capability.”

“gOEbase is exciting”

Tim Baldwin
Professor of Management and Geyer-Cain Fellow
Kelley School of Business, Indiana University