Success Stories

“I had a need for project management tools. The gOEbase toolkit was easy to use and I got the added benefit of instruction on how to successfully manage a project, including tips. I used the project management material to lead a project team preparing a recommendation for the HR RVP’s.”

“I’ve used some of the ‘employee as customer’ material in a leadership symposium and ‘common ground’ material to guide a group discussion in a cross-functional, problem solving meeting; I’ve also used some of the change management and employee engagement information to help me prepare for group meetings and facilitation.”

“I was working with a new team leader on a very complex product. His particular team was facing issues having to do with decision-making. I searched gOEbase for decision making tools and developed a deck for the team leader that included custom talking points. I also used the deck to consult with the team leader and his team directly.”

“I was asked to help an organization prepare for a change. I had a number of change models and books but was looking for something both the HRG and the business leader could use. The gOEbase change readiness section provided tons of value; with it, we were able to assemble the right information and create a training program.”

“When I needed ideas for motivating employees, I found the ‘tip sheet’ in gOEbase, already packaged in a ‘ready to use’ format. The manager’s feedback indicated it was very helpful.”

“I used gOEbase as an aid to design a two-day Executive Team Strategic Planning / Visioning meeting. I used the database to identify pre-work questionnaire and interview questions, as well as a meeting content and agenda flow guide. I also used some of the worksheets for breakout discussions during the meeting. The end result was a very productive and successful session that was efficient and effective in meeting our stated goals.”

“I was leading an organizational restructuring and while I have a standard model to do this, I searched gOEbase because of its in-depth library of to-do lists and planning tools. Throughout the project, I used different gOEbase tools to lead the next phase of activities.”

“A client wanted me to conduct a talent review in an hour. Given the short amount of time, I suggested we focus on the key issue of retention. I customized the Retention Priority Worksheet from gOEbase to guide quick, yet effective discussion.”

“I was working with two teams in resolving a conflict and improving communications. gOEbase gave us a great outline of questions and tips on how to conduct the meeting; the resources worked very well and were excellent to have at our fingertips.”

“I have used gOEbase to identify ice breakers, which helped me start off training successfully. I have used some of the suggestions for team building, which many people credit with improving the group morale and relationships. I have also used the manager assimilation process to bring a new manager into a group successfully.”