About The Group for Organizational Effectiveness.

Since 1987, The Group for Organizational Effectiveness (“gOE”) has provided consulting services, applied research, and actionable tools to more than 600 organizations globally, including over one-third of the Fortune 100. Our work is consistently grounded in science and practical in nature and we have deep expertise in Organizational Development, Change Management, Team Effectiveness, Learning & Development, and Building the consulting capabilities of HR functions.

We are the proud developers and providers of two powerful web tools, gOEbase and DebriefNow. These tools emerged from our extensive consulting and research experiences, including our work with numerous HR, L&D, and OD functions and with management, medical, military, sales, operations, technology, service, R&D, financial, and project teams.

Our team has a rich, diverse background and extensive experience in industry and academia, and we often collaborate with scholars from various universities to couple thought leadership with practical application. Our team publishes extensively and has received awards for both our research and applied work. We apply this breadth of experience in all our consulting, research, and tool development efforts – including gOEbase.

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