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for Internal Consultants

gOEbase for External Consultants

Over the years we received many requests from external consultants but until recently gOEbase has only been available to internal consultants. We now issue a limited number of gOEbase licenses for use by experienced external consultants in sole proprietor or small consulting firms.

Contact us if you want to learn more about our external consultants program, including specific eligibility requirements.


Work with Teams?

From the team that brings you gOEbase, DebriefNow is a powerful tool for accelerating teamwork and transforming experience into results.


About gOEbase

gOEbase is an award-winning, easy-to-use, comprehensive OD toolkit used by thousands of HR, OD, and L&D professionals globally. Hundreds of organizations, including one-third of the Fortune 100, have relied on gOEbase to respond to business needs quickly and effectively.

Users tap into gOEbase to diagnose challenges, access and distribute easy-to-use customizable tools, design solutions, and boost their consulting capabilities (and credibility!).



Teams That Work – New book by gOE’s President

We’re pleased to announce the publication of Teams That Work (Oxford University Press) which debuted as the #1 new Organizational Psychology book on Amazon. Collaboration and teamwork requirements have risen by 50%, but as anyone who has worked on a team can attest, creating a great team remains a challenge. This new book examines the […]

Tips for Your “At-Home” Team

For several years, we’ve been studying teams as they live and work together in confined environments with little or no physical contact with “outsiders.” For example, we’ve gathered data from teams that lived in a small simulated space habitat in Houston at NASA for 45 days, and from deep sea saturation dive teams in the […]

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